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  The construction machinery features high power. It will bear large impact load and thus generate intense vibration under working condition. Ordinary bolts and nuts may become loose under impact vibration. To prevent fastener failure, many fastener manufacturers have tried different anti-loosening approaches, such as pre-torqued nuts, swaged nuts, chemical adhesives, etc. These approaches have achieved certain anti-loosening result. But they have two common defects - poor reusability and difficult maintenance. In addition, the chemical adhesives may pollute the environment and cause human injury. After DTFLOCK locking nuts are used, excellent anti-loosening performance and good reusability are achieved and it is easy to maintain. DTFLOCK nuts are now gradually used in more and more key assemblies of construction machinery. Presently, construction machinery uses DTFLOCK locking nuts in the following assemblies:
Concrete mixer truck and crane: support connection, speed reduced support, wheel assembly, etc.
Vibrating road roller: coupler, engine universal joint.
Excavator: rotary support, track wheel, breaking hammer.
Bulldozer: track wheel.
Loader: transmission shaft, main transmission differential gear, big bevel gear.