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  Thread holes on body of the four-drive gear box body used in heavy duty truck manufactured by a leading heavy truck manufacturer were produced with DTFLOCK thread taps. The former fastening included three parts: a class 10 stud, a locking washer and a nut. After the DTFLOCK thread was used, the assembly work has been simplified and loosening of the stud on surface of the gear box body has been eliminated. Up to now, DTFLOCK thread technology has been used in all types of heavy duty trucks manufactured by this corporation.
  The anti-loosening performance has gradually been acknowledged by automobile industry. Nuts on the car wheel may become loose easily and result in serious potential risk. After DTFLOCK wheel nuts were used, no nut loosening has been reported yet. Presently, transmission shaft and rear axle connection nuts, car engine support nuts, etc also begin to use DTFLOCK nuts.